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Osborne & Little Wallpapers

For four decades Osborne & Little's designs have been at the heart of interior trends - with a shared passion for creativity, they continue to bring us wallcoverings which stand out from the crowd.

Fantasque Wallpaper Collection


Inspired by the cultural and artistic movements of early 20th Paris and London, this flamboyant wallpaper collection features a variety of designs with an Art Deco feel. All designs feature metallic or beaded elements in a range of rich colours, including sapphire, yellow, coral and many more. Please ensure you order a sample to appreciate the beaded and metallic detailing in these wallpapers.

Browse the Osborne & Little Fantasque Wallpaper Collection

Pasha Wallpaper Collection


Inspired by Turkey, let this collection whisk you away to a far away land. Beautiful wallcoverings in vibrant patterns and colours, with designs include powerful waves, delicate forests and watercolour effects, all enhanced by metallic elements.

Browse the Osborne & Little Pasha Wallpaper Collection

Verdanta Wallpaper Collection


An eclectic collection of designs, with a bold artistic theme - wild florals, geometrics and lace effect stripes, combine with pixelated florals, butterflies and birds. An amazing collection with beautiful optical and metallic ink effects, which play with scale and light to create stunning effects.

Browse the Osborne & Little Verdanta Wallpaper Collection

Wallpaper Album 6 Collection

Wallpaper Album 6

A collection bringing together the best of the most recent Osborne and Little wallpaper collections.

Browse the Osborne & Little Wallpaper Album 6 Collection

Persian Garden Wallpaper Collection

Persian Garden

Inspired by the glamour and mystery of ancient Persian fabrics, this collection brings an array of stylised florals and patterns with an eastern feel. Together with the quirky Penguin Library design.

Browse the Osborne & Little Persian Garden Wallpaper Collection

Cabochon Wallpaper Collection


A collection of glamorous wallpapers inspired by jewellery and fashion continues Osborne & Little's innovative approach to wallpaper design, with their use of metallic inks and reflective print processes. Many of the names make reference to celebrated jewellery designers.

Browse the Osborne & Little Cabochon Wallpaper Collection

Komodo Wallpaper Collection


A new collection called Komodo by Osbourne & Little. A collection of contemporary designs all printed on a durable non-woven base takes its main inspiration from the coats and skins of wild animals. Including an absolutely stunning Komodo lizard design in a 3D holographic effect as shown in the image. Non-woven easy-to-hang wallcoverings.

Browse the Osborne & Little Komodo Wallpaper Collection

Grand Tour Wallpaper Collection

Grand Tour

Osborne & Little have taken their inspiration from the classic grand tour taken by aristocratic young Englishmen of history; this collection of wallpapers draws its themes from the art of Italy and the architecture of Venice, with touches of India and a really quirky Stork design - as shown here. Together with some new colour ways of their popular Best in Show design with its classic dog motif.

Browse the Osborne & Little Grand Tour Wallpaper Collection

Zagazoo Wallpaper Collection


Wallpaperdirect is absolutely delighted to present Osborne & Little’s Zagazoo collection, a charming selection of children’s wallpapers designed exclusively by the celebrated artist, Quentin Blake. These fantastically exuberant patterns feature a host of lively and animated characters, based on Quentin’s original book illustrations; a colourful array of fine feathered friends, playful dogs in farmyard frolics, pretty butterflies fluttering in meadows and cheerful children wizzing and whooshing on skateboards.

Browse the Osborne & Little Zagazoo Wallpaper Collection

Tara Wallpaper Collection


This collection takes its title from the seat of the kings of Ireland until the 16th century and evokes the spirit and mystique of that ancient land and its grand houses, gardens and castles. A combination of floral trails and elegant damasks. With a touch of the exotic, delicate hummingbirds float with jewel coloured feathers amongst restrained foliage. While iridescent coloured damasks and anemones complete this magical collection.

Browse the Osborne & Little Tara Wallpaper Collection