The English home style designer Sophie Conran has brought her delicate, feminine trademark style to a range of wallcoverings exclusively for Arthouse.

Sophie Conran 2 - Reflections Collection Wallpaper

This new collection is inspired by Sophie's travels in her childhood - with a scrapbook effect, it combines images from different places and times together to product an eclectic, beautiful homage to the past. Designs include florals, toiles (shown in image) and collages of motifs together with textural designs and a stunning new flock.


Sophie Conran Wallpaper Collection

The home style designer Sophie Conran has collaborated with Arthouse to create this new collection of beautiful, delicate faded florals. Inspired by the distressed glory of historic French chateaus, the rich colours of the French countryside and the fairytales of her childhood, this collection brings a breath of magic to your home. With distressed paint effects and delicate florals, rich and glamorous flocks, subtle colours and understated co-ordination. An easy to use, easy to live with collection for the modern home.


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