Design ideas

City living

Whether you have that urban roof top apartment or just aspire to it, you can create the modern, urban feel in your own home by the clever use of wallpaper.


Retro designs for a contemporary living space. This new trend brings together designs from the '50s with a modern colour palette, which you can combine with either contemporary or retro fittings to make your own statement.



Stripes are an ever popular choice for city living, giving fresh, clean colour for a modern contemporary look. And remember a striped wallpaper can be hung horizontally to add dimension to a room.

Wall Murals

And for urban edgy feel, it is worth considering a wall mural. With hundreds to choose from you can really find something to reflect your own personality or interests and make your space your home.

The Natural World

Another popular design trend for urban living is furnishings which reflect the natural world, such as animal prints, fur and leaf patterns and textures.