Design ideas

Grand elegance

Whether you want a traditional feel that looks to the past or a contemporary style in keeping with the present, Grand Elegance is right at your fingertips with wallpaperdirect! The current hot fashion statement is flock but if you remember it last time round from the takeaway be prepared to be stunned.


This is rich, velvet touch wallcoverings for the 21st century which creates a stunning, elegant look. A range of contemporary and classic designs to suit all tastes.


Metallics always offer an added dimension to wallpaper and work to create a more contemporary grand elegant setting.


Glamour doesn't have to be serious, to be grand; it can fun, flirtatious and just a little bit kitsch but still make a grand statement on your walls.

Grand Damasks

And of course stunning colours and traditional designs create the ultimate grand effect; you may not have rooms on the scale of a stately home but you can still use coloured damasks to amazing effect.