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Anaglypta Wallpapers

Anaglypta is one of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands, starting in 1887. The Anaglypta brand is synonymous with paintable wallpaper and remains the definitive collection offering a very wide range of designs.

Anaglypta Wallpaper Collection


Some lovely new designs have been launched and we are delighted to be able to bring them to you here. These wallcoverings are designed to be painted, a colour of your choice and are a subtle way of creating texture and interest in your room.

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Pro Wallpaper Collection


A premium triplex wallpaper, designed to be easy to hang and use less paste. Perfect for walls or ceilings and high traffic areas such as hallways. Tough and durable; covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; flat backed.

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Armadillo Wallpaper Collection


Armadillo, the pattern you can't flatten! Offers a harder knock and tear resistant surface than other textured wallcoverings. There's no soaking needed, you just paste the wall or the paper and hang - ideal for today's busy life! Tough and durable; covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; will not stretch or shrink; dry strippable.

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Dado Panels Wallpaper Collection

Dado Panels

Anaglypta heritage Dado panels add a timeless and architectural period of elegance to any interior.

Covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps.

10 panels on a roll, flat backed & peelable.

Fits below dado rail -trim to correct height.

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Supaglypta Wallpaper Collection


Deeply textured embossed wallcoverings with a tough surface suitable for high traffic areas. Tough and durable; covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; ideal for walls and ceilings.

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Original Wallpaper Collection


A range of embossed wallcoverings ideal for walls and ceilings. Trust these classic designs and modern textures that lend themselves perfectly to your environment. Tough and durable; covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; easy to repaint.

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Textured Vinyl Wallpaper Collection

Textured Vinyl

A collection of Fine, Luxury and Premium paintable textured vinyl wallcoverings, on a flat backed paper. This versatile collection is easy to repaint and offers the perfect base for decorative effects. Covers minor cracks, lumps and bumps; peelable.

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