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Coloroll Wallpapers

Coloroll are a wallpaper brand that hit the style headlines by bringing co-ordination into your home when it launched in the swinging 60's. Coloroll now offers stylish wallpaper designs on a budget.

Feather Wallpaper Collection


A fun and flamboyant wallpaper collection, with a touch of sparkle too! This collection includes a delicate floating feather design, with co-ordinating stripes. Please order a sample to appreciate the glitter within these wallpapers.

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Mix It Up Wallpaper Collection

Mix It Up

These latest designs from Coloroll are an eclectic mix of patterns. Designs include contemporary photo montages, delicate bakery motifs and retro magazine covers. A small collection which packs a big punch!

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Love Letters Wallpaper Collection

Love Letters

Letters of love from times gone by, sweet roses and delicate lace are all woven into the pretty patchwork of Coloroll's new Love Letters. The vintage inspired wallpaper is available in a choice of 3 shades; lavender, old rose and parchment. Love Note, a quirky all-over design of tender love messages, completes the nostalgic, romantic feel.

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Coloroll Classics Wallpaper Collection

Coloroll Classics

A collection of classic designs from Coloroll - available while stocks last.

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