Cole & Son Wallpapers

Since 1875 Cole & Son wallpapers have represented styles across the centuries and include some of the most historic wallpaper designs in the world. Their wallpapers are in many historic houses including Buckingham Palace.

Mariinsky Damask Wallpaper Collection

Mariinsky Damask

This elegant new wallpaper collection celebrates the drama and occasion of the theatre, opera and ballet. This collection features 10 design, both classic and ornamental, which are perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your interiors. Available in a range of bold and subtle colours, each design pays homage to celebrated stars of the stage and theatres.

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Curio Wallpaper Collection


A beautiful collection of designs inspired by natural textures, with shimmering metallic effects and a strong geometric style, perfect for stunning contemporary interiors. Wood effects, sea coral and precious stones inspire this mainly neutral coloured collection.

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Landscape Plains Wallpaper Collection

Landscape Plains

This latest collection from Cole & Son features 5 semi-plain designs, perfect for any living space. Each design is featured in a wide range of colours, and have a mixture of matte, pearl and metallic finishes. These wallpapers are perfect for use along side other designs, or individually to add a touch of contemporary elegance to any home.

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Geometric II Wallpaper Collection

Geometric II

Inspired by Art Deco architecture from around the world, this vibrant and contemporary wallpaper collection is perfect for adding geometric style to any home. This collection offers 11 new designs, including mosaic tiles, tropical foliage and many more. If you love geometric pattern, this collection is perfect for you!

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Whimsical Wallpaper Collection


A nostalgic and enchanting selection of magical wallpapers, inspired by classic children's stories and fairy tales. 15 designs include fish and whale motifs, waves and bold harlequin diamonds, delicate butterflies and some truly amazing horizontal border style designs too. Together with a magical new interpretation of the classic Woods design adding stars to bring a whole new dimension to the design.

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Geometric Wallpaper Collection

Geometric Wallpapers

A bold, contemporary collection of geometric design wallcoverings - perfect for statement walls and for inspiring you to a craft moment perhaps! Seriously, some amazing effects can be created with these stunning colours and designs.

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Archive Anthology Wallpaper Collection

Archive Anthology

This newest collection from Cole & Son brings together some of the most popular and well known classic wallpapers, as well as introducing several designs taken from their extensive archives. Using both surface and flexographic printing techniques, Cole & Son have been able to give a handful of their designs a fresh and up to date feel using vibrant colours. These fantastic wallpaper designs are perfect for any room!

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Folie Wallpaper Collection


Inspired by the statues, follies and architecture found within grand French garden, this elegant collection of wallpapers from Cole & Son includes some delightful Toile designs, together with garden flowers and structured trellis patterns. A true Spring delight bringing the formal garden feel indoors. Paste the wall wallpaper collection.

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The Historic Royal Palaces Wallpaper Collection

The Historic Royal Palaces

A stunning wallpaper collection from Cole & Son celebrating the design history of our Royal Palaces. Created with a colour palette to encourage you to be creative yourself and assemble different patterns together, as shown here. All the product is beautiful, quality, paste the wall to make the work easy for you. Collection includes some simple borders, which would work well on their own and some stunning library panelling effects.

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Fornasetti II Wallpaper Collection

Fornasetti II

Cole & Son's new wallpaper collection follows the success of the first Fornasetti range, delivering a repertoire of magical themes within a collection of designs that are at once iconic and covetable, with a truly stunning array of coordinating papers in an exciting range of colours and styles. Eccentric motifs of fantastical flying machines, architectural details, playful monkeys, keys and owls all evoke a theatrical and magical space.

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Contemporary Restyled Wallpaper Collection

Contemporary Restyled

A celebration of the patterns that are at the heart of Cole & Son’s Contemporary Collections with this Restyled mix of new colours, scales and reworked designs. Many of the brand’s best loved designs are shown here, with a new twist.

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Albemarle Wallpaper Collection


A sumptuous collection of damask prints inspired by the Romantic Period, which evokes the glamorous and poetic era of the 18th & 19th century. Each of the nine designs references a cultural icon or gem of the time. The result is an elegant collection ideal for both heritage and contemporary settings with an array of rich colours and metallic ink effects.

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Frontier Wallpaper Collection


The new autumn/winter 2010 collection from Cole & Son draws heavily on their archive documents, which date back more than 300 years, to bring you a collection inspired by those travellers of the far East from yester-year. Designs include the exotic Tropical Birds, the Japanese inspired Great Wave and the fun Cowcumber, together with the beautiful Wisteria floral design shown here.

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Contemporary Collection Wallpaper

Contemporary Collection

The original Feature Wall collection by Cole & Son - beautiful, quality wallcoverings. Wallpaper designs include the stunning Flamingo and the richly detailed, gorgeous Orchid together with the popular Cow Parsley.

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New Contemporary Two Wallpaper Collection

New Contemporary Two

A fabulous, bold collection from Cole & Son, featuring ideal papers for creating impact on a feature wall. Many of the designs were created in the 1950's by artists defining the exciting post-war period. Machine printing, awe-inspiring colours and the use of foils ensure New Contemporary Two is as 'cutting edge' in 2005 as the originals in the 1950's and 60's.

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The Fornasetti Collection Wallpaper

The Fornasetti Collection

Coles are delighted to present the Fornasetti Collection consisting of 14 designs selected from fine drawings in the archive of Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988).

These wallpapers incorporate elements from the Fornasetti archives used to make stunning large scale designs in a palette of useable colours ranging from reds and golds, to neutrals and blacks. They include designs such as ‘Malachite’ and ‘Corallo’ which explore the natural world; buildings in the ‘Mediterranea’ design, and an array of botanically perfect florals, including the hydrangea design ‘Ortensia’ pansies, peonies and the forbidden fruit and monkeys in ‘Frutto Proibito’.

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