Eco Wallpaper

"wall concepts with a novel, trendy design that highlight the room's individuality."

Eco Simplicity Wallpaper Collection

Eco Simplicity

A beautiful collection of wallpapers inspired by traditional Eastern designs which have been brought up to date with a Scandinavian style. Simple, elegant and stylish, this collection has a neutral colour palette for easy, modern living. All papers are paste the wall.

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Stripes & Squares Wallpaper Collection

Stripes & Squares

A contemporary collection full of lovely designs, all based around stripe and square patterns. Classic designs such as oversized tweeds and stripes have been brought up to date and refreshed with a modern colour palette. This wallpaper collection also features ultra modern grids and bold stripes which are ideal for creating a statement in the home.

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Eco Black & White Wallpaper Collection

Eco Black & White

A Scandinavian collection featuring striking and modern designs including beautiful floral silhouettes, bold geometrics and eye-catching stripes. This collection is ideal for creating a contemporary and neutral look in a room.

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Engblad & Co. Wallpaper Collection

Engblad & Co.

A contemporary, graphic design collection, with a strong architectural feel - from the Swedish company Engblad & Co whose long history has been integral to wallpaper in Sweden, now brought into the 21st century with this collaboration with renowned architects Claesson Koivisto Rune.

An interesting mix of linear designs in a variety of scales, to add interest to walls.

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Eco Earth Wallpaper Collection

Eco Earth

A decorative collection full of exciting surfaces and structures featuring trendy tie-dye and watercolours as well as designs with kaleidoscopic and ornamental effects. We only have images of the wall murals, more to follow shortly. Please do have a look at the site for the full collection – all available from wallpaperdirect - contact us for more information.

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Eco Rose Wallpaper Collection

Eco Rose

A stunning collection of contemporary, bold floral designs, with some amazing digital imagery. Many of the patterns include text for that city living look - floral wallpaper, which whilst feminine is not girly. Paste the wall collection, so easy to apply for that quick makeover.

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Eco Happy Wallpaper Collection

Eco Happy

A range of colourful wallpapers made for the young at heart with a vibrant colour palette and a strong retro feel. Bold and bright florals and pretty tile effects - all of which are paste the wall, so easy to hang and give your room a fresh, bright look.

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Eco Revival Wallpaper Collection

Eco Revival

The Eco Revival collection draws its inspiration from the graphic patterns that are characteristic of the retro style of the 1950s and 60s, yet it exudes a contemporary and modern feel. The muted colour schemes make it easy to combine the different patterns. Eco Wallpaper takes a look back at the classic retro style with its Eco Revival collection. And although inspiration for the collection was obviously found in designs from the 50s and 60s, it looks stunningly stylish and right up-to-date.

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