The art of the garden

Our cultural whirl finds us this week at The Royal Academy of Arts for their show Painting the Modern Garden featuring gorgeous garden paintings from Monet, Matisse and Renoir (and many others) who found inspiration in their own modern gardens.

Monet famously painted his monumental water lilies in his Giverny garden. The exhibition tells us he might not have painted them at all if he'd lost a planning battle with his neighbours who were frightened Monet's imported water lilies would poison their cattle!


Renoir painted Monet painting his garden:


...and Kandinsky assaulted the senses with a riot of garden colour in Murnau The Garden II


With the slim possibility in mind that one or two of our readers may not be able to afford their own garden masterpiece, we've assembled our own collection to give you a rather more affordable way to get garden art on your walls...


English Garden Summer by Prestigious sets a painterly tone with full flowers and cheeky blue tits.


Roseto by Designers Guild goes one step further into impressionism...


...and Octavia's painterly freedom keeps us in the realms of Renoir.


Paper Moon's garden designs are free and fresh with Flowers (above) and Jungle (below).


Hope you've enjoyed that little spot of green fingered wallpapering. Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!

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February 19, 2016