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Natureplus Wallpapers

Made using 100% recycled paper. Kind to the environment - kind to people too!

  • Natureplus Papers Wallpaper Collection

    Natureplus Papers Wallpaper Collection

    Natureplus is a new range of wallpapers made using 100% recycled paper designed to reduce our environmental impact. But that’s not all! Natureplus is also hypoallergenic making it people friendly too!

    Key features: Available in 4 grades; simple to hang; allows your walls to breathe; hypoallergenic; excellent paint surface; contains no plastics or vinyls and made using 100% recycled paper.

    Which Natureplus product do you choose? If you want a totally flat surface, it has to be Natureplus 0. This product can also be used as a conventional lining paper.

    Natureplus 2 – 4 add increasing degrees of natural texture which will successfully cover and disguise minor surface imperfections. The higher the number of Natureplus the better it will disguise imperfections, helping to give the room a really fresh all of a piece look.

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