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Sandberg Wallpapers

Swedish design with high-quality textiles and wallpaper to give settings and interiors a warm, personal touch.

Oas Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Oas Wallpaper Collection

Oas, the Swedish for oasis, is a sanctuary within the Natural world, a place to pause and contemplate. Soft colours in a muted pastel tones, lush vegetation and dark midnight shades inspire these designs and the collection is full of inspiration to create your own place of calm amid the maelstrom of our busy lives.

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Villa Dalaro Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Villa Dalaro Wallpaper Collection

An elegant new wallpaper collection, inspired by fresh summer mornings and long summer nights. Perfect for bringing the beautiful outdoors into any home, designs include trailing flowers, small scale repeated motifs and delicate trellis patterns. Subtle colours add character to these beautiful designs making them the perfect addition to any interior.

Browse the Sandberg Villa Dalaro Wallpaper Collection

Signatur Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Signatur Wallpaper Collection

This fun and youthful collection has been inspired by four female Swedish designers, who's designs have now been made into fun and vibrant papers with amazing patterns. Designs include a whimsical 1950's print, elegant florals and stylised motifs which are all available in a vibrant range of colours. This collection is perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to any home!

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Familj Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Familj Wallpaper Collection

A delightful mix of designs, created with family life in mind. So whilst many of the designs are suitable for children's rooms, they are also perfect for injecting fun into our open space, family areas: kitchen dining and living areas. In a subtle colour palette with some interesting pretty neutral and geometric designs too.

Browse the Sandberg Familj Wallpaper Collection

New York Stories Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg New York Stories Wallpaper Collection

Inspired by the vibrant city that never sleeps, the New York Stories collection of wallpapers takes details from a wide variety of elements including, the owl of Brooklyn, the trees of Central Park in Raphael and the streets themselves in Manhattan. So bring the ‘Big Apple’ home to inspire you, with this beautiful collection of paste the wall designs.

Browse the Sandberg New York Stories Wallpaper Collection

Grace Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Grace Wallpaper Collection

Inspired by Swedish Art Deco, now referred to as Swedish Grace, this collection from Sandburg marries together the energy and frivolity of the Roaring Twenties with the calm serenity of Swedish design. From trailing florals to monkeys swinging gracefully through trees to delicate feathers, this collection holds the perfect design you need to add some Swedish Grace to your home.

Browse the Sandberg Grace Wallpaper Collection

Arkiv Mural Collection

Sandberg Arkiv Mural Collection

Inspired by treasures found in Swedish archives, this is the first collection of digital designs to come from the Sandburg studios. This collection of paste the wall wallcoverings features a variety of different designs from 19th Century Swedish architectural drawings to fine examples of ancient Japanese artworks. This collection is the perfect way to bring a touch of contemporary Swedish serenity to your home.

Browse the Sandberg Arkiv Mural Collection

Brunnsnas Wallpaper Collection

Sandberg Brunnsnas Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful, fresh collection of wallcoverings, inspired by classic designs, including the reappearance of the quirky bird design Waldermar. Romantic florals, trailling vines and trellis patterns, make this the perfect colllection to bring a soft, touch of the outside world to your home. All paste the wall product.

Browse the Sandberg Brunnsnas Wallpaper Collection