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Zoffany Wallpapers

Zoffany has established an international reputation for producing high quality wallpaper based on historical references using innovative techniques. The colour palette and breadth of style in Zoffany wallpaper collections ensure they work perfectly in both period and contemporary interiors.

The Alchemy of Colour Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany The Alchemy of Colour Wallpaper Collection

This latest collection from Zoffany will add opulence and luxury to any interior. Featuring an array of classic damask patterns, which have been reinterpreted from designs taken from the Zoffany archive, these wallpapers are an explosion of colour, from rich, warm shades to elegant neutrals and greys. Please ensure you order a sample to appreciate the true beauty of these wallpapers.

Browse the Zoffany The Alchemy of Colour Wallpaper Collection

Kempshott Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Kempshott Wallpaper Collection

Inspired by the grand country houses of Britain, capturing their faded elegance to create a collection of sophisticated, luxury wallcoverings for unique homes. A range of beautiful fabric effect, wide width wallcoverings, with subtle stripes and botanical elements. Several of these designs are actual fabrics on non woven paper backings and require specialist hanging.

Browse the Zoffany Kempshott Wallpaper Collection

Phaedra Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Phaedra Wallpaper Collection

This elegant new collection features a diverse range of wallcovering designs, created using various printing techniques. All wallpapers within this collection are non woven, making them even easier to add to your interiors. Designs include marbling, mosaic patterns, repeated damasks, as well as a large scale 18th century toile and an archived London map design. Available in a variety of classic colours, including metallic shades, these wallpapers are perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to any home.

Browse the Zoffany Phaedra Wallpaper Collection

Akaishi Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful collection of wide width wallcoverings with an Oriental theme: misty mountain tops, acer tree leaves, grasscloth effects and a selection of textural wallcoverings, including some which are hand trimmed and sold by the linear metre. Please do ask for information on these designs.

Browse the Zoffany Akaishi Wallpaper Collection

Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection

A rich treasure trove of fabric effect Damask designs - large in scale, perfect to adding grandeur to your home. Country cottage or grand elegance these damasks can create the atmosphere with their subtle metallic ink effects and textural designs. Paste the wall collection, many of which are wide width to.

Browse the Zoffany Constantina Damask Wallpaper Collection

Jaipur Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Jaipur Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful collection of wallcoverings inspired by Indian and Persian culture. This collection features a variety of stunning designs from exquisite animal motifs to marbling and ikat effects - perfect for adding a touch of warmth and spice to your home.

Browse the Zoffany Jaipur Wallpaper Collection

Prism Vinyl Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Prism Vinyl Wallpaper Collection

A contemporary collection of designs influenced by the reflective characteristics of prisms. These vinyl, wide width wallcoverings are suited for city life with a touch of luxury. Four stand out designs featuring texture and a variety of metallic colours are perfect for any living space.

Browse the Zoffany Prism Vinyl Wallpaper Collection

Woodville Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Woodville Wallpaper Collection

A delightful collection of designs celebrating the craftsmanship of the artist. Following classic traditions and utilising modern print techniques Woodville has a sophisticated and romantic mood, perfect for Country Houses and those who love this timeless style but with a contemporary edge, perfect for modern homes too. There are several floral trails, geometric patterns and a stunning digitally printed large scale floral extravaganza, Phoebe.

Browse the Zoffany Woodville Wallpaper Collection

Tespi Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Tespi Wallpaper Collection

Think distressed Venetian mirrors and richly coloured crushed velvets and you have the essence of the Tespi collection from Zoffany. Wallcoverings created to give the effect of weathered texture, and glamorous light effects, with a subtle, yet rich colour scheme. Paste the wall collection for easy of application.

Browse the Zoffany Tespi Wallpaper Collection

Quartz Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Quartz Wallpaper Collection

Romance, history and innovation combine in Zoffany’s Quartz collection of 7 wallpapers. Contemporary in style but archive inspired creating a new classic and subtle collection, using foil and light reflective papers and inks to create unique and stunning wallcoverings.

Browse the Zoffany Quartz Wallpaper Collection

Town & Country Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Town & Country Wallpaper Collection

A versatile collection of delicately coloured, gently patterned designs and textural effects created for both town house interiors and relaxed country living. A small selection of these designs are shown here but all colourways are available on request from wallpaperdirect.

Browse the Zoffany Town & Country Wallpaper Collection

Arden Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Arden Wallpaper Collection

The Arden collection from Zoffany - in association with the artist Melissa White. Zoffany bring their expertise in printing techniques together with Melissa's glorious artwork reproducing stunning Elizabethan paintings, to create this wonderful collection of designs inspired by the Elizabethan style of the late 16th century. Bold stripes, intricate motifs and rich detail create designs for modern lives.

Browse the Zoffany Arden Wallpaper Collection

Akita Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Akita Wallpaper Collection

A collection called Akita by Zoffany. Akita vinyl wallpapers combine visually stunning aesthetics with high durability and exceptional quality. The bespoke embossing applied to the wallpapers is an essential element in enhancing the printed designs, reflecting and refracting the light to create a striking three-dimensional effect.

Browse the Zoffany Akita Wallpaper Collection

Papered Walls Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Papered Walls Wallpaper Collection

Papered Walls focuses on beautiful grounds with subtle designs, drawing together the qualities of original textile wallcoverings, which would have been linen or silk. They are easy to use in any house or apartment, traditional or contemporary. One of the first Zoffany collections on non-woven, paste-the-wall paper, which in addition to being easier to hang, also makes it possible to add subtle embosses, enhancing the character of the designs.

Browse the Zoffany Papered Walls Wallpaper Collection

Persia Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Persia Wallpaper Collection

Inspired by the faded opulence of old Eastern palaces, Persia Wallpapers creates elegance with a classical, ethnic feel; its rich damasks and draped faux-fabric designs recall the silk routes of Asia. Traditional patterns with innovative printing techniques and contemporary colours to incorporate a modern and stylish twist. All of the designs are paste the wall, making this rich and exotic collection easy to hang and all the more desirable!

Browse the Zoffany Persia Wallpaper Collection

Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection

This selection of luxurious damask designs provides a beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic for both contemporary and classic interiors. Using contemporary wallcoverings techniques and treatments, Zoffany have created this opulent array of timeless and distinctive damasks – with eight stylish and graceful designs, the Classic Damask collection merges modern metallics with traditional colourways for eternal elegance.

Browse the Zoffany Classic Damask Wallpaper Collection

Gustavus Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Gustavus Wallpaper Collection

A stunning combination of elegant French formality and an unassuming Swedish simplicity has inspired the Zoffany design studio to create a series of wallpapers in homage to the restrained style of eighteenth century Sweden,during the reign of King Gustav III (1771 – 1792). By using modern printing techniques and rich opaque pigments, the Zoffany studio has captured the authentic textures of natural wood and rough plaster in wallpaper design.

Browse the Zoffany Gustavus Wallpaper Collection

Mosaic Wallpaper Collection

Zoffany Mosaic Wallpaper Collection

A contemporary collection of wide-width vinyls from Zoffany, Mosaic is a range of beautifully drawn patterns overlaid with rich textures. The collection features designs inspired by Japanese fabrics and ceramics, with graceful grasses and small scale organic geometrics. Inspired by minerals and crystals, the colours of the collection blend natural neutrals with metallic sheens, whilst the rich embossed textures have been carefully selected by Zoffany to enhance Mosaic’s designs.

Browse the Zoffany Mosaic Wallpaper Collection