Blue is the colour

I'm looking out of my office window at the most glorious blue sky. It's so uplifting to see some sunshine at last.

Blue is an all time favourite of mine, the colour of sea, sky, and (apparently) the colour of sincerity and inspiration. Trustworthy blue is used in many corporate logos. Think Visa, American Express, BMW, Facebook, Twitter...

If you're thinking of decorating with blue, the tone is the key so make sure you buy tester pots to double check you're happy with the feeling you are trying to create.

Cooler blues (without any red) can feel distant and cool, so use with care. Fresher blues can work really well in a bedroom (calming, lovely to wake up to) and it does make a small space look bigger! It makes bathrooms crisp, fresh and clean.

The colours on my big blue mood board are all on the warmer side of the spectrum, welcoming on a front door, assured in a library and a natural backdrop to your kitchen.

Share your photos with us on social. We really want to see your blues! 







Explore & discover

As you know by now, exploring different countries is something I really enjoy either when travelling on business or just for pleasure. I love immersing myself into local culture, finding those little markets and hidden bazaars. I’ve recently returned from Palma the capital of Mallorca and it’s a fantastic place to visit even just for a weekend!

Palma is so easy to navigate on foot as it’s laid out in straight avenues. There’s lots to see while wandering around including La Seu Cathedral which is surrounded by stunning palm trees. There’s plenty of fabulous cafés and bars to choose from serving tempting little plates of delicious tapas. If you go you have to try the typical Mallorcan breakfast consisting of Ensaimadas - (soft flaky pastries which are a speciality) filled wth cream, chocolate custard or eat just plain, simply delicious! 

I did look out some fabrics while I was there (of course) and found an amazing lifestyle shop called Rialto Living. Inside there’s a Moroccan style room filled to the brim with exotic and timeless rugs and kilims expertly sourced from around the world.

One of our latest wallpaper collections is called Discovery which is inspired by all things exotic. It’s a fabulously flamboyant collection and here are a few of my favourites… for now!