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Prestigious Wallpapers

Where style and innovation combine.

Rainforest Fabric Collection

Prestigious Rainforest Fabric Collection

A bright, bold collection of designs inspired by the tropical rainforest. Abstract patterns and leaf motifs, together with exotic florals create a collection of weaves and embroidered fabrics, to add a touch of luxury to your home.

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Provence Fabric Collection

Prestigious Provence Fabric Collection

Perfect for country and city interiors alike, this elegant collection features a mixture of cotton weave and crewel embroideries. Designs include classic weave patterns, embroidered trellis's and floral trails. All designs are available in a range of colours, including paprika, indigo and parchment. Please ensure you order a sample to appreciate the detailed embroidery within these fabrics.

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Ambleside Fabric Collection

Prestigious Ambleside Fabric Collection

This elegant fabric collections conjures memories of long country walks on Autumnal afternoons. Featured designs include wild flowers, roses, leafy springs and hedgerow fruits. Available in a range of colours including berry, foxglove and burnt oranges. Please request a sample for a true colour and texture match.

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Samba Fabric Collection

Prestigious Samba Fabric Collection

A beautiful selection of colourful weaves and velvet fabrics. From the richly embroidered detailing of Flamenco to the cut away, textural velvet like Cha Cha design, these are fabrics for every room. In three seperate colour blocks: Topaz with its blue, lime and amethyst, Spice with bold oranges and reds and the cool Colonial with its blues, taupe and ivory

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Lakeside Fabric Collection

Prestigious Lakeside Fabric Collection

Perfect for laid-back interiors, this collection features a variety of designs perfect for any home. Designs include a crewel work trail and coordinating trellis, classic stripes and checks in colours such as aqua, willow and natural. A mixture of polyester and cotton weaves and embroidered designs in faded muted colours.

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Elements Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Elements Wallpaper Collection

This elegant new collection of vinyl papers have been inspired by weather worn walls, and include various designs in opulent colours with metallic detailing. Designs include marbled swirls, pinstripes, optical effects and sophisticated damasks. All designs are available in a range of colours including topaz, inca red and gilt. Please ensure you order a sample for a true colour and texture match.

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Mardi Gras Fabric Collection

Prestigious Mardi Gras Fabric Collection

Transform your home into a tropical jungle with this fabulous fabric collection. Featuring a variety of digitally printed designs, this collection is perfect for people who like interiors with a bang! Designs include large scale floral trails with butterflies and jungle fruits, classic Paisley patterns with a modern twist and paint effect Macaw parrots. Please ensure you order a sample to appreciate the colours within these designs.

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Cube Fabric Collection

Prestigious Cube Fabric Collection

Make a statement with these fabulous new fabric designs, available in a range of simple yet stunning colours! Designs include geometric stripes, all over patterns and a impressive 3D effect cube design. Perfect for adding a touch of retro style to any home.

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Playtime Fabric Collection

Prestigious Playtime Fabric Collection

Feed your child's imagination with this beautiful new collection! Made from 100% cotton, this character themed collection includes mermaids, cars & trucks, butterflies and many more! Available in a range of vibrant colours, these fabrics are the perfect finishing touch for any child's bedroom!

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Charterhouse Fabric Collection

Prestigious Charterhouse Fabric Collection

Inspired by botanical pioneers, this elegant collection of prints, on 100% warm cotton, is available in a range of muted colours. Designs include flora and fauna, flowing floral trails, an exotic jungle print and traditional plaid pattern. Perfect for adding a classic touch to any room.

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Highland Fabric Collection

Prestigious Highland Fabric Collection

This elegant fabric collection is perfect for adding a touch of country charm to any home! A mixture of tartan, twills and tweeds, this selection of fabrics conjures up images of burning log fires, soft woolly jumpers and warm stables. make your home your own country retreat with this cosy fabrics!

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Pickle Fabric Collection

Prestigious Pickle Fabric Collection

This fun fabric collection, perfect for any family home, offers a medley of vibrant designs! Available in a variety of colours, these contemporary designs are perfect for modern and country interiors alike. Designs include jam jar labels, a fun apple motif and an all over floral.

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Secret Garden Fabric Collection

Prestigious Secret Garden Fabric Collection

This fun and vibrant collection comprises a range of embroidered designs perfect for curtains and accessories, in a wide range of zesty colours. Designs include multi coloured ferns, simple and elegant trellis's and floral trails, perfect for adding a burst of colour to any room!

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Origin Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Origin Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful collection of subtle and textural wallcoverings - stunning lustre and metallic effects combine with gentle patterns to create designs perfect for every room. Inspired by the jungle fashion trend, for foliage and animal prints this collection includes some amazing beaded designs too. In a range of neutral colours with emerald green, purple and blue highlights.

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Studio Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Studio Wallpaper Collection

This latest collection from Prestigious is pure sophistication. These wallcoverings merge modern geometrics and striped designs across eleven distinctive designs. Designs include floral motifs, beaded motifs and geometric designs, including stripes and circles. This wallpaper collection is the perfect companion to the Accent fabrics, also by Prestigious.

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Be Happy Fabric Collection

Prestigious Be Happy Fabric Collection

This colourful collection is the perfect addition to any child's room. Nautical themes are perfect for explorers, and delicate kites and butterflies encourages imaginations to fly high. Co-ordinating stripes are also available. Please ensure you order a sample to appreciate the true charm of this collection.

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Accent Fabric Collection

Prestigious Accent Fabric Collection

Inspired by botanical influences, this fun and modern fabric collection draws on graphic modernity. Combining bold geometrics and naive graphics, this collection has an underlying Retro feel. Colours range from bold, vibrant shades to neutrals suitable for any room! Please ensure you order a sample for a true colour and texture match.

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Country Fair Fabric Collection

Prestigious Country Fair Fabric Collection

This enchanting fabric collection is fantastic for adding the finishing touches to your country style. Designs include ducks, dogs, elegant butterflies and many more! Printed on 100% cotton and available in a variety of colours. Please ensure you order a sample for a true colour and texture match.

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Galleria Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Galleria Wallpaper Collection

This latest collection from Prestigious could not get any more beautiful. Nine new designs, all wide width and paste-the-wall for easy hanging, embrace delicate cherry blossoms, trailing roses and rich metallics. A perfect addition to any home, these wallpapers are sure to add a touch of subtle elegance.

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Maison Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Maison Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful collection of designs in soft, subtle shades of grey, cream, beige and stone with delicate highlights, glass beads and stunning metallic inks and foil effects. A full range of designs, including damask, geometric trellis, floral trails, birds and stripes - a clean, fresh collection for modern living.

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Diva Fabric Collection

Prestigious Diva Fabric Collection

Bold, flamboyant Pop Art inspired designs, many with an Italian influence. Cars, Scooters and elegant model figures combined with bold Pop florals and hot jungle prints. If you love colour, then you will love this affordable Cotton fabric collection.

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Life Fabric Collection

Prestigious Life Fabric Collection

A stunning collection of floral and striped fabrics, including the flamboyant jungle inspired Madagascar and the colorful, English Country Garden pattern. Beautiful, bright and dazzling colours printed on a linen based fabric - perfect to add some pizzazz to your room. Co-ordinating wallpaper collection also available.

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Vivo Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Vivo Wallpaper Collection

A beautiful contemporary collection of tone on tone, metallic and textured wallcoverings, with rich velvet flock designs. Patterns include damasks, stripes, wood effects and random all over patterns in shades of neutral grey, cream, gold, ebony, silver and mulberry.

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Country House Fabric Collection

Prestigious Country House Fabric Collection

Looking for that beautiful heritage shabby chic look, then this fabric collection is the perfect solution for you. Dusky, faded colours with distressed effects, subtle old world florals and pretty floral embroidered damasks.

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Diva Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Diva Wallpaper Collection

A big, bold collection of Pop Art inspired imagery - perfect to make a statement wall in a contemporary home. Paste the wall product makes this easy to use. So if you looking for something a little unusual, to inspire you and bring out your inner Diva then take a look here.

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Butterfly Gardens Fabric Collection

Prestigious Butterfly Gardens Fabric Collection

A pretty, fresh, dainty collection of affordable cotton fabrics. Stripes, spots, ditsy flowers, delicate florals and quirky birds in a palette of co-ordinating colourways. Just a small selection to start, more to follow soon.

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Fiorella Fabric Collection

Prestigious Fiorella Fabric Collection

A beautiful collection of affordable fabrics. Fiorella is a delicate embroidered floral style trail (shown above) on a cotton polyester mix fabric and the complementary Fern design is a fine leaf trail again embroidered on a cotton polyester base. The collection is completed by a range of cotton stripes in both bold and subtle combinations to create a full country look - more to follow soon.

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Urban Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Urban Wallpaper Collection

Urban is a strong, smart and stylish collection of wallcoverings which teams contemporary non-woven designs with lustrous new Italian style vinyls including the beautiful Grande (shown above) with its contemporary take on the classic damask pattern. .

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Icon Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Icon Wallpaper Collection

This latest collection from Prestigious is a bold collection of iconic feature designs, the stunning clock faces from Time, a beautiful painterly book shelf First Edition and the stunning floral Arosa - all shown in a mix of strong rich colours and subtle tonal variations.

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Jet Set Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Jet Set Wallpaper Collection

Jet Set is a bright, fun collection from Prestigious full of colour and aimed mainly at children but includes fresh designs that would suit many teenagers too. A selection of well priced multi coloured barcode stripes, love hearts and polka dots which co-ordinate perfectly with the delightful world map Panorama design and the enchanting Lapwing bird and flower design.

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View Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious View Wallpaper Collection

A new collection called View by Prestigious. This collection has a wide range of designs such as a stunning tree design in a beautiful hand painted effect as well as a scenery design in the same effect. Also available is a stunning star burst design in beads and metallic backgrounds. Lot's of different colour ways available to suit to anyone's style. Many more designs to see so take a peek at this new collection! All Paste-the-wall products which makes it easy to apply and remove.

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Neo Wallpaper Collection

Prestigious Neo Wallpaper Collection

Neo by Prestigious is an original range of wallcoverings featuring an exciting mix of designs for both whole rooms and feature walls. Designs include beautifully details florals, silk effects, strong goemetrics and a stunning peacock feather motif. All in a palette of soft chalky colours: heather, sable, chalk and seagrass with beautiful lustre effects giving many of the designs a delicate sheen effect.

The majority of this collection is non woven paste the wall, which makes it easy to apply and remove.

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