Design ideas – get the look…


Aspiring to the cool sophistication of the perfect city living environment? Crave the calm idyll of a little country cottage? Choose a decorative style below and let wallpaperdirect help you achieve the style you need.

These must-have wallpapers have been specially selected by our designers. Choose a style and see how your house could look in just a couple of clicks…


  • Colour Crush - Pastel

    Pastel colours can range from fresh candy colours to the subtlest shades of off white – perfect for relaxed and laid-back interiors. Pale can mean interesting for sure and certainly not lacking in designer style. So whether you are looking for a candy crush or a pared back Scandinavian look – we have something for you here.

    Colour Crush - Pastel

  • Colour Crush - Orange

    Add sunshine to your home all year round with the colour orange. Whether it is the most delicate shade of apricot and peach or vivid orange, warm terracotta or lush copper tones – this is a colour to embrace in your home. Orange in any shade is a perfect partner for so many neutral shades from white and silver, to deepest charcoal and navy.

    Colour Crush - Orange

  • Dramatically Dark ideas...

    Decorating with dark colours doesn’t need to be scary, there are inspirational images everywhere on Social and in magazines to guide you. Just follow your heart and go as bold or simple as you choose.

    You can either totally embrace co-ordination and contrasting clashes in colour or treat your wallpaper as the ‘hero’ design in your room and keep everything else simple to enhance it.


    Dramatically Dark ideas...

  • Colour Crush - Red

    Red is the colour of warmth and comfort, passion and excitement – so express yourself at home with this colour for every season! The perfect complement to both grey and silver shades and cream and beiges – there is a red for every wall in your home.

    Colour Crush - Red

  • Colour Crush - Blue

    Blue … the colour of the sky and the sea, can lift your spirits on any day. Whether you use the deep, darkest shades for drama, or mid-blues to brighten and uplift you, or soft baby blues to freshen up a room – there is a shade of blue to make you feel at home.

    Colour Crush - Blue

  • Colour Crush - Green

    Green has become the colour of the year for interiors with more and more wallpapers arriving in the office in this we thought we'd put some of the best together to give you some inspiration.

    Colour Crush - Green

  • Nautical papers

    Nautical but nice - a selection of wallpapers designed to create a nautical feel in your home. Whether it is boats, ships, fish or just the shoreline, there are lots of ideas to inspire your home interiors with this trend.

    Nautical papers

  • Flamboyant

    Perfect for anyone who likes to express themselves - this trend will add excitement, interest and colour to your home. Be bold, be daring - have fun with your interiors.


  • Bathroom wallpapers

    Wallpapers in bathrooms? With care and good ventilation any wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. You just need to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with water on a regular basis. So not directly around the bath, shower or sink – otherwise anything goes.

    Whilst tile effects remain popular we hope we can show you here some of the more recent trends for bathrooms.

    Bathroom wallpapers

  • Bedroom wallpapers

    The bedroom should be your comfort zone, so whether it is modern, traditional, country, romantic or wild! Make your room your own, a place you can retreat at the end of a busy day and relax - ban the technology and lie back and relax.

    Bedroom wallpapers

  • Kitchen wallpapers

    Kitchens are the hub of the home and often the centre of family life, as we create open-plan cooking and dining areas. These new rooms are perfect for adding feature walls - something fun and quirky which the whole family will enjoy. And while a new kitchen is expensive, a new wallpaper can be an inexpensive refresh to any home.

    Kitchen wallpapers

  • Brick wallpapers

    One of our most popular designs in recent years, is the brick wallpaper - so easy to use, easy to live with and affordable; this trend adds a designer look, at a fraction of the price.

    Brick wallpapers

  • Jungle

    Embrace your wild side with contemporary and eye-catching designs inspired by the jungle. Whether it’s tropical maximalism, exotic wildlife or serene palm leaves – this trend brings the vibrance and intrigue of the jungle to your interiors.


  • Grand elegance

    Whether you want a traditional feel that looks to the past or a contemporary style in keeping with the present, Grand Elegance is a style that embraces both.

    Grand elegance

  • Geometrics

    Try a different angle with bold geometric shapes. Sleek uniformity and striking repeats bring timeless sophistication to any interior scheme.


  • Shimmer & Shine!

    Get the glow with contemporary light reflecting effects. Modern printing techniques can create a shimmer and shine that bounces warm light around a room. With rich metallics, sparkling glitters and subtle lustrous mica, these wallpapers introduce relaxed glamour to any interior scheme.

    Shimmer & Shine!

  • Hall wallpapers

    Don't neglect that first impression - it's important to keep your entrance and hallway tidy, as it is the first thing any visitor will see. Wallpaper can make maximum impression for minimum effort and we have lots to choose from. If you're not sure try a pattern with a vertical design, to give the illusion of more space and draw the eye up, away from the clutter of shoes and boots. Or pick a warm colour to welcome you home or just have fun!

    Hall wallpapers

  • Kids wallpapers

    Wallpaper for children's rooms, can add colour and comfort to their surroundings when tiny and as they grow help to express their individuality and are just plain fun!

    Kids wallpapers

  • At the office

    Add a touch of professionalism to either your home, office or studio with this selection of sleek and contemporary wallpapers brought to you by Wallpaperdirect. Perfect for livening up any tired workspace to help you achieve the exact look and feel to get your energy and creativity flowing!

    At the office

  • City living

    Whether you have that urban roof top apartment or just aspire to it, you can create the modern, urban feel in your own home by the clever use of wallpaper.

    City living

  • Get the Royal Look

    Looking to create your own stately home style - then we have lots of stunning damasks and regal patterns for you to browse. Think rich colours with perhaps metallic and lustre details or classic motifs and geometrics. While lighter colours can provide a subtle backdrop and reflect light to fill a large room.

    Get the Royal Look

  • Country cottage

    Whether you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful country cottage or simply dream of those roses round the door, wallpaperdirect design ideas can help. The style ranges from the classic to the contemporary, so something for every home.

    Country cottage