Wedded bliss …

A lovely sunny day is forecast, the excitement is mounting and everything is set. It's going to be a fantastic occasion, the joining together both UK and USA in the latest Royal Wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot tomorrow as I'm sure you all know.

I had to chuckle when I saw these gorgeous knitted figures of the Royal Family and their corgi's in a jewellery shop window sitting alongside the wedding and engagement rings and the Union Jack bunting. 

I'll leave you to guess who's who!


I've chosen a red, white and blue paint and a stars and a striped paper to get into the mood for the big day! 

Red -

White -

Blue -

Stars wallpaper -

Stripes wallpaper - 

Super greens

Green is good for you. Not just the veggies, I’m talking lush green interiors. 
Nature’s very own green brings balance and harmony to your space. Gorgeous green
offers a classic counterpoint to any other colour as it does in your garden.
Houseplants are back in a big way (the more the merrier) reconnecting us with nature and making even the most urban environment feel naturally happier. 
When I moved house (20 years ago!) I inherited a utility room in bottle green. I wasn’t a fan
– it looked dense and overpowering. Now had it been a glorious emerald green with loads
of luscious plants and cacti it might be another story…

Choose your green with purpose and think about where you want it to go, make yourself
a moodboard for inspiration. Grab some tester pots to make sure the greens work in the
space you’re changing. I usually paint a piece of cardboard so I can walk around with it
into different corners of my room to fully see the effect.

The tropical trend is still very much in vogue, so this Summer, (it is coming…honestly…)
veg out… relax, refresh and revitalise inside and out.
Here’s my moodboard choices this week. Some inspirational (like my hosta and primrose)
and some great products too:
1. Deep green with deep blue a sumptuous duo, refined and elegant. 
2. Bright emerald green with white and black - fun and smart.
3. Cacti wallpaper - fun and flamboyant - express yourself.
4. Green mix with purple tones for grown up relaxed living.
5. Chartreuse flock a vibrant contemporary geometric.
6. A striking contemporary, vinyl textured paper
7. Green with pops of sunny pink. Bold and fabulous.