Metropolitan Stories The Wall - Kids Collection

The Wall - Kids

Selected digital print motifs designed in large format for breathtaking high quality wall presentations. From imposing Cape Town nature motifs to artistic explosions of colour from Barcelona, these exclusive designs will make you eager to create your own, novel interior world. And hanging is easy – 1 motif on a roll can easily be cut into strips, labelled and numbered so that gluing proceeds without a glitch. The high-quality non-woven backing material also ensures that it hangs securely and guarantees the best wallpapering results.

It's a big world out there, don't worry about the tiny details - Go! for the bigger picture. The Wall - a range of wispy to bold mural images that spark the imagination

The Wall - Kids, a mix of 3 & 7 panel murals

Metropolitan Stories The Wall - Kids  Collection

This collection is not available in the USA.
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