Cookie policy

To help to understand the needs of our customers and improve service, data collected on this website will be held on our secure database. All customer data stored on Brewers' secure server complies with statutory requirements. We will never make this data available to any other company or third party.

We endeavour to protect the information you provide and there are strict security procedures that have been put in place. Our servers can only ever be accessed by authorised personnel.

The following information about cookies is part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed, safeguard your privacy, and comply with privacy legislation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your computer or device when you visit certain pages or perform certain actions on this and other websites. They are used to help your browser remember your choices and display the correct information for you - such as items in your cart - and not treat you as a new visitor each time you visit a page.

Some cookies are only set for the duration of your visit (session cookies) to help you get around and give you relevant information. Others are set for longer periods (persistent cookies) so that your browser can remember your choices from a previous visit. The cookies stored cannot harm your device, are anonymous, and unique to your browser.

You can choose to disable or block these cookies in your browser (see Managing cookies below) but without some of them our site will not work.

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How we use cookies

At wallpaperdirect we use cookies to help us find which items you've added to your cart, and remember details about your order before you complete it. We don't store sensitive information like your name or address in our cookies, just an anonymous reference to them so that we're able to find them. We never store payment details at any point.

We also occasionally set cookies to help you navigate around the site, enhance your shopping experience, or give you important information regarding your order.

The cookies we use on this website are:

Cookie What we use it for
ck_prefs Used to store which cookies you've enabled/disabled on this site. Persistent cookie, set for 1 year.
customerid Used to help us find which items you've added to your cart, and details about your order before you complete it. Persistent cookie that is set for 100 days or until you complete your order.
PHPSESSID Used to find session cookies. Session cookie that is removed at the end of your visit
flash_message Used to display important information about your order eg. discounts, export messages, problems with your order. Session cookie that is removed at the end of your visit
currency_id Used to display prices in your chosen currency. This is initially set based on an estimate of your location. Session cookie that is removed at the end of your visit
continue_shopping_url Used by the continue shopping button in the cart to go back to the previous page outside the basket. Session cookie that is removed at the end of your visit
source Used to remember whether you were referred to our site by one of our Affiliate Window associates. Persistent cookie that is set for 60 days or until you complete your order. See Third party cookies below.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Used by Google Analytics to help us collect anonymous statistical information about visits to our site and help us make decisions about how we can improve our customer shopping experience. Persistent cookies. See Third party cookies below.

Third party cookies

In order to give you the best possible shopping experience on wallpaperdirect, we partner with a number of Third parties to help us collect anonymous statistics about how our site is being used and provide you with further information that may be of interest to you. As part of this process our Third party partners may set their own cookies during your visit.

We partner with the following Third parties:

Third party What their cookies are used for:
PayPal These cookies are set to help prevent fraud and to support checkout functionality. The data stored by these cookies never shows any confidential information.
YouTube These cookies help YouTube to capture and analyse visitor information related to video usage such as, number of views and shares for videos hosted on Youtube and embedded within our website. To view their privacy policy see
Google Analytics These cookies enable us to take and analyse visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers, response to marketing activity and shopping times. This information helps us to improve the website and your shopping experience, and to make our marketing campaigns relevant. The data stored by these cookies never shows any confidential information.
Affiliate window Sometimes we advertise on third party websites and third party cookies help us and our advertisers see which advertisements you click on and interact with to determine which are most effective. Affiliate Window help us reward other websites for referring you to us.
VE Interactive These cookies help us to identify visitors who have abandoned our checkout process and allow us to send an email to ask if they need help completing the checkout.

Managing cookies

You may also choose to disable cookies or block cookies from specific websites using your browser preferences. Each browser has its own methods for doing this. For detailed instructions on how to disable or block cookies in your browser consult your browser's help files or go to the How to control cookies page on

Please bear in mind that if you block cookies from this site we may not be able to process your order correctly.