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A wonderfully imaginative wallcovering, not only beautiful but with extra touches of mysticism. Fantastic creatures: A pair of plant-tailed giraffes nestle beneath a bushy palm, look closer and you'll see they're actually chained to each other via a 20-sided icosahedron sphere, symbolising water, while being surveyed by hummingbirds, butterflies and a masonic eye within a triangle located high in the palm leaves. Elsewhere, two fantastical unicorn zebras clash their horns beneath a lotus flower creating 8-sided Octoherda crystals (symbolising air). These scenes are rendered in tango pinks and pickle greens, all set against a blush pink background. Other colourways are available. Please request a sample for true colour match.

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1 ft 8.5 in
32 ft 11.7 in
2 ft 1.2 in
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